Our instruments

EOSA developed four instruments to enable reliable data collection, and responsible analysis and interpretation:

  1. Enterprise architecture
  2. Enterprise friendly index
  3. Enterprise monitor
  4. Enterprise case studies

Summaries are presented below with links to further information.

ArchitectureWith this instrument we analyse the composition and dynamics of enterprises in 19 economic sectors in towns & cities, and classify enterprises into more than 670 enterprise types. On the basis of enterprise numbers per sector as well as percentages and enterprise richness we can:

  • compare the enterprise compositions and dynamics of towns
  • cluster towns & municipalities in accordance with their enterprise characteristics and dynamics.

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Friendly Index.jpg

The Enterprise friendly index measures:

  • Crime against business
  • Municipal reaction times on rezoning, answering phones, etc.
  • Private sector investment

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The Enterprise monitor is a survey of owners and managers of businesses to determine:

  • Size of firms
  • Employment figures
  • Turnover
  • Markets and exports
  • Procurement

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enterprise case studies

Enterprise case studies enable us to answer the following questions:

  • Why are certain sectors more export oriented than others?
  • Which success factors drive them?
  • Is there a special kind of entrepreneurship that is outward looking?
  • Are there cluster benefits that could be explored?

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