The Enterprise Observatory of South Africa

The Enterprise Observatory of South Africa conducts enterprise research by exploring and analysing entrepreneurial space and enterprise dynamics in Southern Africa. Enterprises manifest in cities and towns in patterns with systemic characteristics. As there exist patterns and orbits of regularity in space, our work reveals statistical significant regularities in the enterprise world.

By assembling, analysing and interpreting data, we assist clients in

  • identifying entrepreneurial space and opportunities by indicating how congested these spaces already are by existing businesses;
  • assessing how business and investment friendly localities are,

thereby limiting business and financial risk.

The statistical regularities that our work reveal are in most instances so strong that they have predictive potential.

Our work is relevant for:

  • enterprise policy formulation,
  • program design,
  • enterprise financing and risk analysis,
  • assisting entrepreneurs in determining locational choice, and
  • regional and local development planning.

What is an enterprise?

EOSA’s definition of a formal enterprise is:

a business entity that is willing to be seen by either the Tax or Local Authority and therefore makes its existence known apart from signage on the building or structure by listing in directories, websites and smartphone apps.