19 Enterprise sectors

EOSA classifies enterprises in 19 sectors to assess:

  • The enterprise characteristics of a locality, e.g. is it
    – a tourism town,
    – an agricultural services town, or
    – a professional services town?
  • The entrepreneurial space that exists in towns and cities:
    – which economic sectors are present or absent in the town?
    – is the town at risk of losing economic sectors that will undermine its economic robustness?

Our data will assist you to identify how well a sector is represented within a particular town.

  1. Agricultural products and services (serving agricultural community)
  2. Construction services
  3. Engineering and technical services
  4. Factories (adding value to material sourced elsewhere)
  5. Financial services
  6. General services
  7. Health services
  8. Legal services
  9. Mining services
  10. News and advertising services
  11. Personal services
  12. Processors (adding value to local produce/products)
  13. Professional services
  14. Real estate services
  15. Telecommunication services
  16. Tourism and hospitality services
  17. Trading services
  18. Transport and logistics
  19. Vehicle services

As indicated in Enterprise Architecture the enterprises manifest in localities (in most sectors) in accordance to regularities. Below a sample of our research plotting the correlation of sector enterprises with total enterprises in more than 200 towns in South Africa:
19 sectors