Covid-19 on the ‘Cause of Death’ Calendar

The embrace of lockdown strategies by numerous governments “to combat Covid-19” has ongoing negative ripple effects on how societies function. Individual and institutional liberties are being trampled, freedom of movement and access to public space, shops or offices are restricted to those who wear masks.

Lockdowns are devastating millions of jobs and businesses, hamper international trade and are applied for social engineering to change the mode of pursuing livelihoods and conducting businesses. This authoritarian top-down approach is applied for a disease that has had a modest impact on the lives of not only the economically active and the young, but also a lighter impact on the population in the age group 60 – 75 than the impact of cardiovascular diseases, cancer or dementia.

EOSA developed a Cause of Death Calendar that shows what modest position Covid-19 demands on the calendar.

This calendar of causes of death is based on Our World in Data and Worldometer’s Covid-19 data. On a daily basis an average of 158 000 persons die. This year the average daily number of deaths with Covid-19 is around 4 000 (or 2.5% of daily deaths).

Covid-19 related deaths scarcely exceed a week on the annual calendar, filling a mere 8 days, 14 hours and 30 minutes. In comparison, deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases fill a full 112 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes and 20 seconds.

If commencing on January 1 deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases fill the days and weeks and months till 22 April when deaths by cancer take over (as the 2nd biggest killer). Covid-19 deaths (in the 9th position) only make an appearance on September 17 and make way for deaths caused by liver diseases on September 25.

This is the disease the governments and the WHO stopped the world for, causing unemployment and poverty and the demise of millions of livelihoods and enterprises. It is done under the pretext of protection, but the jackboot rest now on the throat of liberty.

End lockdown now

EOSA is a member of the Business for Ending Lockdown Alliance and supports the efforts of PANDA (Pandemics – Data & Analytics).