South Africa’s lockdown is medically futile, costing lives, wiping out savings & destroying the economy

Public invitation: Launch of The Definitive Lockdown Presentation


South Africa’s lockdown is medically futile, costing lives, wiping out savings and destroying the economy. In fact, South Africa’s lockdown is turning out to be one of the most harmful lockdowns in the world.

These are some of the points to be made in a new presentation by Pandemic Data Analysis (PANDA) and experts at TransUnion and ETM Macro Advisors, called The Definitive Lockdown Presentation: How lockdown is not helping, costing lives, wiping out savings, and destroying the economy.

The presentation is hosted by the Business for Ending Lockdown (B4EL) campaign.

B4EL invites the media, business representatives, policy makers and the public to the launch of the presentation, via complimentary live-stream, on Wednesday 2 September 2020 at 10:00.

The presentation will be done by Nick Hudson (Actuary and Coordinator at PANDA), Hans Zachar (Head of Emerging Markets at TransUnion Africa) and Russell Lamberti (member of PANDA and Strategist at ETM Macro Advisors).

Viewing or restreaming the livestream

The event will start at 10:00 on Wednesday, 2 September 2020 and a livestream will be accessible from shortly before on various social media channels.

About B4EL

B4EL is an association of business organisations, representing more than 50 000 members, insisting on an immediate and complete suspension of lockdown and the state of disaster. B4EL advocates for the conversion of all compulsory lockdown-related regulations to be converted to voluntary recommendations.

EOSA is a founding member of B4EL and Johannes Wessels of EOSA serves in the Advisory Board of the campaign. Johannes in May already had compared the lock-down strategy to the ill-fated cattle-killing of Nongquase, stating that president Cyril Ramaphosa would become known as Nongquase II.

Statement issued by Piet le Roux, on behalf of the B4EL campaign.

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